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  • Erin Marie

The Art of Capturing Memories

What if you can have the fun of making memories together as a family AND get beautiful professional photographs taken at the same time?

Spoiler alert: it is totally possible.

Beach photography with kids

Let's face it: we are all so busy these days that quality family time is something special. Whether you are planning your vacation or setting aside an evening for family photos, the last thing you want is for your family to be miserable. You want photos that you'll look back at and smile at. Photos that bring back the happy memories that you made that day. And the truth is, it really isn't that hard to do.

It all starts before you even show up to your session...

Family photography on the beach in St Petersburg

From the moment you send in your initial inquiry I get to work crafting a session that revolves around what is best for YOU. You'll be able to share what is important with me - as well as ideas you have or images that you find beautiful - quickly and easily.

What do you like to do at the beach? Do you even LIKE the beach?! Where are your kids happiest? What about your significant other?

Beach photo session St Petersburg, FL

Depending on your answers I'll recommend adventure-friendly places to head for our session and will put our game plan together.

Because the truth is that to capture happy memories we have to have activities and/or locations planned that make your family happy.

Mother daughter beach photography

When you have a photo session that is custom planned around your family, you don't have to worry about your kids having a meltdown because they're bored or your partner counting the minutes until they can get out of there.

Instead, you can relax and enjoy spending time together knowing that you are getting swoon-worthy photos in the process.

For more information about my availability and pricing you can reach out here.

Sibling beach photographer St Pete

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