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  • Erin Marie

3 Tips for Picking a Location: Family Photography in Tampa Bay

St Petersburg, Florida and the surrounding Tampa Bay Area is full of beautiful places for us to do your family photo session. How do you find the best place for your family photos?

Here are my top 3 things to consider when deciding where to have your pictures taken:

What Does Your Family Like to do for Fun?

If you spend all your free time at the beach, you'll most likely feel at home and comfortable being photographed there. But if you always drive past the beach to spend some time in the city, an urban or park photo shoot is probably right for you.

Lifestyle family photography means we have the time in our sessions to incorporate activities that you love in your photos, so don't forget to ask about how we can shape a session around your favorite past-time!

Where Do You Find Beauty?

While your family is the focus of the photo shoots, the location provides the background that will give you the vibe that you want. If you think nothing is more beautiful than the forest, having trees in your background will add to the value of your family photos. The same goes for preferring beaches, gardens, or the architecture of the city.

What is Most Practical?

Some settings are better suited than others when you have to decide where to have a photo shoot. For example, an urban photo shoot may be more difficult for families with very young children that don't yet understand the danger of cars driving past. And a beach location might be super stressful with a newborn, or have too much harsh sunshine at noon. This doesn't mean that you can't have your photos taken at your dream location, just that it might take more intentional planning to make it safe and enjoyable for the entire family.

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