• Erin Marie

Newborn Photos: When To Hire Your Photographer

Congratulations are in order! You're counting the days until your little one arrives, you know which fruit or vegetable your baby is the size of, and you've been swooning over the baby pictures your friends have posted and can't wait to have your own.

So when do you reach out to book your own newborn photographer?

Every photographer is different so you'll want to ask yours specifically, but these guidelines are my go-to:

Newborn Baby Photo

First: Book Your Due Date

If you wait until your baby is born to try to contact a photographer, chances are their schedules will be full. And you don't want to miss out! But how do you know when to book a session if your baby isn't even here yet?

You use your due date!

Your newborn photographer will use your due date as a placeholder on their calendar. When your baby does arrive you'll let them know, and then you'll set an actual session date for when baby is 2-4 weeks old.

If you live in the Tampa Bay Area, you can inquire about my availability using your due date.

Lifestyle newborn photography St Petersburg, FL

For the Expecting:

The ideal time to reach out to a newborn photographer to get on their calendar is when you are early in your second trimester. A newborn photographer who prioritizes their clients (myself included!) will take a limited number of babies a month so that they can give you the care and attention that you and your little one deserve. Reaching out early gives you the best chance to book your dream photographer and be guaranteed a spot in their schedule.

As a bonus, if your newborn photographer also specializes in maternity photography, reaching out in the second trimester gives you the best chance of being able to book that session with them as well.

All in all, the earlier you can reach out to your newborn photographer and book your session, the sooner you can rest assured that your baby with have those beautiful newborn photos for you to share.

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For Those Whose Baby Is Here:

Whether baby made his/her debut early or you simply weren't ready to hire a photographer for baby pictures any earlier, there's still hope! Never assume that it is too late to get newborn photos (unless your baby is past the baby stage). There's always a chance that favorite photographer will have space in their calendar to get you in.

Newborn photographers who specialize in lifestyle newborn photography are trained to capture those gorgeous images well past the first few weeks of life. While it is easiest to capture them when your newborn is 6 weeks old or younger, a professional will be able to work well with babies in all stages.

Lifestyle newborn photography St Petersburg, FL

For the Parents of Multiples:

You know better than anyone that carrying multiples changes the time frame of...well, everything! When you know that you are expecting twins, triplets, or more, go ahead and reach out as soon as you are comfortable doing so. Just be sure to share that you're carrying more than one baby, and keep your photographer updated with expected delivery dates as you learn them.

For the Parents of Preemies:

When baby comes much earlier than expected, chances are that your focus is going to be on navigating the NICU. First and foremost prioritize baby's care (and don't forget to take care of yourself, too!).

While you'll want to let your newborn photographer know that you've given birth, the ideal time to schedule your photos will be 2-4 weeks after baby comes home from the hospital.

Ready to Reach Out?

I would love to hear from you! You can learn more about my newborn sessions over here, and when you're ready to reach out and book you can do so over here.