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3 Reasons Why Mini Photo Sessions Are Awesome

Mini photo session St Pete Pier

When you love your family it is only a matter of time before you look around and realize that everyone is growing up so fast. And so often we have phones filled up with cute pics of our kids (with perhaps a few selfies of ourselves to prove that we were there for this parenting gig) but fail to have many - if any -photos of ourselves as families. If we're honest with ourselves we know that we aren't ever going to be back at this exact time or space to capture these moments again. That frequent family photos are important.

Introducing: the mini photo session!

These quick little photo sessions are an affordable way to get professional family photos taken without having to sacrifice on quality. You can check here to see what is coming up in St. Pete.

St Pete Beach Family Photographer

Here are my top three reasons why I love doing mini photo shoots:

1. They are short and sweet

How many of us put off getting updated family photos because our family schedules are packed solid? Or because our kids are at a difficult age and we have some serious reservations about how well they would do at a photo session right now?

(Moment of truth, in my family it is the latter...)

The brilliant part of mini photo sessions is that they are just that - mini! Throw on some cute clothes, spend 15 minutes playing together and having fun in front of the camera, and voila! You're off to have that ice cream cone you bribed your kid with! All done!

Family photographer St Petersburg, FL

2. They are high quality & affordable

Mini sessions are affordable because they are set at a pre-determined location and both the session time and number of images offered are less than a full family session.

My mini session families get the same personalized care and attention before and after their session as my full session families. You'll receive my exclusive mini session prep guide, wardrobe feedback (if desired), hand-retouched images, and private online gallery access with the opportunity to purchase my favorite wall and custom art products.

Vinoy park lifestyle family photographer

3. You get to try out a new (to you) family photographer

Our family is extremely loyal. When we hire professionals, they become people who are special to our family. We love knowing that we have a go-to person when the need arises, whether it be to care for our doodle when we take a last minute vacation or tackle the newest home renovation we dreamt up. And a family photographer is no different!

Finding a family photographer that you can return to season after season - one who will be around for your baby's first steps all the way through her graduation or wedding - is a big deal. And one that gets a lot of us overwhelmed enough to give up before even getting started!

That's where mini photo sessions are the perfect solution - you get to come meet and work with me before making the investment of a full family session. And then you'll know you have a photographer in your back pocket to call whenever the reason arises!

St Pete beach family photo session

If you're as excited about mini sessions as I am, be sure to check here for upcoming sessions!
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