Don't worry about trying to work out baby's feeding or sleeping schedule with our photo shoot. One of the beautiful things about lifestyle photography is that I am able to take photographs no matter what baby is doing, whether your little one is sleeping, eating, being rocked, or just looking around! In fact, if baby is asleep when I get there, that's awesome - we'll be able to get those sleepy baby shots right at the beginning.

Your Home

Please don't clean your whole house. Life with a newborn is a big change, and the last thing you need to do is spend time away from your baby trying to clean to get ready. Instead, focus on clearing off your nightstands (since I often take shots in the bedroom with the family). I also rely on natural lighting, so having artificial lights turned off and curtains/blinds open is helpful.


Plan on having everyone barefoot for the session. Not only do we want to capture the details of baby's cute little toes, we don't want socks of older siblings or parents to be distracting in the photos. You'll all be snuggled up in bed for the photos, so if you are comfortable going barefoot it'll be best.

Set the Temperature

Finally, have your home set a little bit warmer than you usually do to keep baby comfortable since he or she will be out in the open more than usual.


Most of our session is typically in the master bedroom and possibly the nursery. If you have clean, plain sheets to put on the bed, that makes a fabulous backdrop for baby's portraits. If not, that's ok - I have blankets that we can use too.

What to Wear

I bring a selection of neutral onesies and swaddles to put your baby in, so you don't have to plan any outfits for them unless you'd like to.

For mom, loose tops with leggings or long flowing dresses tend to be most flattering and help you feel most comfortable. I recommend that you pick out your outfit first, and then choose outfits that coordinate for the rest of the family.

It is very trendy right now to stick to neutral colors for newborn photos, giving them a timeless look that you'll love for years to come. Consider mixing and matching textures (ex. lacy top for mom, smooth shirt for partner) and sticking to a palette of white, cream, tan, or grey if you are hoping to achieve this look.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon! Please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have any questions.